new teaser out NOW tomorrow 27 01 22

First proper big bb release in quite a while plus unreleased band demo from 1999 played by Stephen Luke and Rob

selfie cam

A new release





From 2012 to 2022
I did this. Made a self-built ramshackle shedload of music on a music platform called bandcamp. 
Though it charges a fee and has become more corporate, it is still as close to DIY punk, chuck it at a wall see what sticks ethic,
as is possible in the digital age of glitch. I have no idea how I did it as I am quite lazy, had a heart attack
and drink too much.

But hey, here it is :
All my music  

PLUS numerous videos (scroll down to bottom of new release page)


140 plus







This is my first attempt at running a website.

Firstly the most important thing to say again,

is this :

I have made 150-plus albums on (yes the figure creeps up every few months :) 


All recorded in the fourth bedroom/boxroom of my house, on a 20 year old black laptop, 45 quid keyboards and a 10 pound Tandy mic. Even the guitars barely have a string or two on them.

All made on GarageBand, under many AKAs and all the styles of music I love.

Secondly I am very happy you're here.

Thirdly I am sure you too have a very healthy love-tinged hatred of social media.

The necessary evil beast.

Though I am on it, TWITTER has never really worked for me. even so here here's my failed mistake @babybirdrip

I remember the day my ex-manager suggested I use it, over 10 years ago. A truck had just dumped a ton of logs on my path and left. It took me a week to wheelbarrow it all into the back garden woodshed. A fucking nightmare, but nothing compared to the unbridled joys of social media. Except of course, for wonderful tweets from celebrities plugging their new kids book.  

Instagram is so-so. I like the filters, cats and pictures of Yorkshire,  and that's about it. As long as I avoid the personal or obvious on there, it's bearable.

But my recommendation is definitely Babybird Official on Facebook - it is the most interactive.

Oh yes and sign upto follow bb on bandcamp. As well as here, that's the first place for news and album releases  


The ultimate babybird book
of lyrics, short stories and a little history.


2012- 2022

over 140 albums :

Don't run scared from the lack of a '@'

Just cut and paste

And it will be here 

that you will find :

My AKAs : 

BLACK REINDEER - loops/samples/orchestral

TRUCKER -                                   arpeggiated trucking music for your truck

ARTHRITIS KID -                       instrumental music of epic ascendancy

DELUDER -                                                 as close to disco as I get

JONES -                                              personal songs


WAYZ 2 DIE - one off project of loops and weirdness

DEATH OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD - Initially a collaboration with Andy Turner of dance/hip hop innovator AIM.            THIRD album due January 2022

OUTSIDER -                                               DIY fantastically throwaway songs - simpler - more guitar 

APPLE ANDROID -                                      Epic and orchestral

THE FOETAL SPARROW -                       huge long pieces of music, based on the beautiful simplicity of music tangent from single notes and drones (not the ones that fly tiny phones in to prisons)

STEPHEN JONES -                                        have an aural butchers and tell me what you think it sounds like

Best way to contact babybird
is via the bandcamp app, where you can sign up and DM or join the community.... 
(....Disclaimer : no cult status as yet has been granted).
App is available on both apple & android


Be assured I am receiving all messages sent to the contact form below, reading them all.  Website tools are a tad bog standard, so just fog-walking my way through gathering it all together.                           Especially as when it comes to technology, I am a happily neanderthalic philistine.

Thanking Neil, John, Stewart, Mary and Benn, Greg ...... 


And yes
I love cats


These are my favourite pair of trousers

She advises me on everything.

Listens to the demos before anyone else does, however deafening....